Summer means vacation time for a lot of Magic Valley families. For most family's vacations, budgets are a deciding factor in vacation destinations. One of the most popular family destinations is Disneyland.

Recently, I was told that going to Italy was cheaper than going to Disneyland. I was shocked!

I did the math and figured out that it will cost you more to fly to Italy, but once you are in Rome, your costs will be relatively low. According to Travelocity, you can fly your family of four to Italy for $6186.36. You can stay in an Airbnb or hotel for a little over $100.00 per night. The average family will spend $80 to $100 on food each day in Italy. All of this totals out to be $7186.00 for four days and five nights in Italy.

According to Hip Munk, you are going to spend close to $5,000 for a family of four to travel, stay, and enjoy Disneyland for four days and four nights. If you do the math and fly out of Twin Falls, you will spend over $5000.

With Travelocity, your family can fly to Disney for $350 each. According to Disneyland, your hotel stay and park passes will be $700 per person. The average family spends $200 per day on food and $100 per day on other passes and souvenirs. For a grand total $5,400.

So while Italy isn't cheaper that Disneyland, I can see how it seems like it may be because the cost of food in Italy is much more reasonable than the food at Disney.

All prices are estimations and will change daily. 

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