High water levels in Southern Idaho means spectacular views at Shoshone Falls, Caldron Linn, Auger Falls and incredible white water rafting conditions. 

In this YouTube video captured by boater Bear Gibson, you'll see how powerful 18,000CFS is. To give you some perspective this section of the Snake River (known as the Murtaugh) usually takes 8 hours to complete. With currently water flows it can be completed in 2 hours. It's incredible!

One of the main rapids on the Murtaugh section of the Snake River is Pair O' dice. This rapid is visible from the Hansen Bridge.

The Murtaugh section of the Snake River begins a few feet before the bridge in the Murtaugh grade. The stretch continues 14 miles down river until they reach the Twin Falls Power Plant Park. This section of the Snake River has incredible views and continuous white water.

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