On March 31, 20-year-old Idaho native Logan Johnson received one of the tickets to move forward in the American Idol competition. During the episode, he was one of 20 contestants picked to continue on in the show out of 40 contestants who performed for the judges at the Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii. His family even joined him for the tropical trip.

Johnson's performance was unique. Knowing that his choreography wouldn't be great, he decided to focus on his voice, singing Justin Bieber's "Sorry" in a special rendition that was in English and Spanish. I think it's safe to say Luke Bryan was right when he said the Boise native was a heartthrob in the first episode, as Johnson said he almost got pulled into the crowd by some of the girls during his performance in Hawaii.

Johnson's story is like many-he's always had a dream. However, in his narrative, he's giving inspiration to people who have dealt with addictions around the world. In last week's episode, we found out Johnson had been sober for more than nine months-which is a feat in itself.

You can catch Johnson perform against his Top 20 competitors on April 1.

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