I'll admit, for a few years, I went off the grid with watching competition shows on television. That all changed last year when I started watching American Idol because a girl from Iowa (my native state) was on the show...and for some reason she looked familiar. I followed the ENTIRE season and was thrilled when Maddie Poppe won- because what a way to represent the Hawkeye State! Also, the second time I met Maddie and really got to talk to her, she pointed out that she remembered working with me at Wartburg College's Mensa (how you remember me, a girl who didn't try to look decent when she worked in dining services, I still don't know).

Of course, that meant I had convinced myself that I ABSOLUTELY had to watch the next season of American Idol because I got so addicted to the show during the reboot. Now that I'm living in Idaho, that means I'm automatically going to cheer for anyone in the competition from here--or my native state of Iowa.

Lucky for me- we've got a 20-year-old man from Boise who has an incredible story. Logan Johnson's story brought me to tears during his first appearance on the show. This week, he did another great job performing and even shared on the show that he's been sober for more than 10 months now!

Lucky for us Idahoans--we've still got more time to cheer on Logan, as he was selected to be in the Top 40!

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