Some people don’t mind being single while they try to find a person they’d like to share a life with. A few even prefer staying single their whole lives. In Idaho, it would appear the idea of single isn’t a popular one.

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Leave it to to figure out the odds on how many people are single in each state. They took into account declared single households in each state and rated per 100,000. They took information on the numbers of members for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Badoo. After giving each metric a number based on 100, the numbers are quite telling.

Are There Any Single People in Idaho?

Idaho has the lowest score for single people in the state. This doesn’t mean married, but it means declared single households that aren’t looking for love on popular dating apps. Perhaps someone is single, but has a significant other so they aren't looking.

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Maybe Idaho singles choose to meet each other in ways that don’t include popular dating apps. This information didn’t include people on Match, Farmer’s Only, EHarmony, or Christian Mingle. Maybe we just have different date app tastes in the Gem State.

Finding a Mate
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According to the statistics, you are least likely to be single in Idaho, Hawaii, and Utah. Perhaps that’s why people say it sucks to be single here. There aren’t many single people to choose from. If you’re looking to find someone, take a sabbatical to Arizona, Colorado, or Alaska. Those states have plenty of single households searching multiple dating sights.

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