Getting married used to be a serious step that had lifelong effects. With divorces in Idaho happening more frequently than in the rest of the nation, perhaps a bit more scrutiny in choosing a partner is in order.

No longer can people run along willy-nilly at church, libraries, or grocery stores to meet a prospective spouse. Depending on friends or dating apps isn’t nearly enough to weed out the incompatible possible partners. It may be time to go for the big guns and begin each relationship with what really counts, financial responsibility.


For example, being a student in college does not preclude one from datable potential. Not being able to live within one's means by accruing an insurmountable mountain of debt does. Student loans for college may be one issue, but taking on credit card debt in addition, should be a warning sign to anyone thinking this person could have a long-term dating future.

How Much Debt is Too Much to Marry in Idaho?

Is it okay to burden a plausible mate with a debt over $50,000? What is the magic number to which there is no chance of marriage in the future? In Idaho, the number is $69,286. It seems reasonable that opening a relationship with that much in the red could be cause for many an argument if the cause for the debt is not immediately addressed.

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It seems that other states are less lenient in that regard. The national average is $52,024. In Montana, the number is a mere $10,000. Just hope you don’t have a former hospital bill you’re paying off after that emergency appendectomy, you’ll be lonely until you can move to Wyoming where the cut-off is a more reasonable $100,000.

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