Finding rewarding connections with other people can be difficult. Meaningful relationships don’t often happen as often as we would like. Many people turn to dating apps or message boards looking for a person to share time and conversation with, not to mention a chance at a date or marriage. Gone are the days of a yenta getting things going for people.

This is a new age. It’s time for new ideas about relationships. Online chats have ended in so much catfishing, it’s difficult to know who is real anymore. So, maybe we shouldn’t even bother anymore.

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In a new study, there is compelling research finding an increasing number of people looking for AI companionship. Idaho is ranked 16th on the list. Relationship apps are evidently for old people. Hook-up apps have too much connection with another human heartbeat. Now people want artificial intelligence.

This may have been inevitable. Demolition Man predicted a scenario like this years ago.

Is AI Companionship the New Love Connection for Idaho?

But the study mentions not virtual therapy, but AI boyfriends and girlfriends.

Maybe it will be a new world where it won’t matter who you marry.

Since AI is not completely sentient yet, this would be a person entirely under the other’s control. If they didn’t like how the ‘partner’ was reacting to input, they could just adjust the settings. In no way is this a healthy relationship. Relationships based on one-sided attitudes are a great place for narcissists, but won’t be in any way a good thing.

Would the AI eventually get loaded into a physical body?

Though AI relationships would help alleviate pressures on the Earth’s ecosystem. More virtual relationships equal fewer people. More food, water, oxygen, and stuff for the rest of humanity, right?

"Are We Dating the Same Guy?" + 27 Other Interesting Idaho Facebook Groups

Connection & Controversy
Six years after it rocked the world with friend requests and profile pics, Facebook launched what's become one of its most revolutionary and iconic features: Facebook groups. But what inspired the idea of exclusive or interest-based subgroups?

Zuckerberg's Groupies
In his 2017 manifesto, Zuckerberg expanded on Facebook's goal to "develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us."

He wanted Facebook users to have the autonomy to create communities that were civically-engaged, supportive, and inclusive. It was also a means to shift from friend-centric interactions to user experiences with an axiom of authentic communication in group discussions.

While we can't speak to how supportive or deep Facebook groups are or aren't, Zuckerberg's success with the initiative speaks for itself.

According to SellCoursesOnline, between 2016 and 2020, a Facebook report found that "the number of active members in Facebook Groups almost doubled from 1 billion to 1.8 billion users." As of 2022, that accounts for approximately 60% percent of the platform's 2.93 billion users.

Facebook Group Facts
  • In 2017, 100 million users said they belonged to groups they found "very meaningful." By 2019, that number had grown to 400 million.
  • 50 percent of Facebook users belong to at least five groups.
  • Driven by trends, branding, and offline communities and businesses with a need for an online presence, there are tens of millions of Facebook groups today.
  • Nearly 100 percent of users say Facebook groups foster a sense of belonging and a place to talk about important issues.

Idaho Facebook Groups
In 2023, Facebook groups remain the MVP of online communities around the world. And Idaho is no exception!

Listed below are 28 Idaho Facebook groups we find particularly interesting, quirky, or useful.

How many of them do you belong to you? We have a feeling that number will grow a bit after a scroll through our gallery!

Click the pic to join the Facebook group!

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