What would you do? What would you do if you found out that somebody was hitting on your significant other? What if they took it another step further and asked them on a date? Do you get mad? Are you offended? Are you puffing out your chest bragging that someone finds your significant other attractive? There are multiple ways to feel and ways to act, but if this happens to you, what would you do?

Asking Out Someone's Partner on a Date in Twin Falls

3. Date Nights at the Movies
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Typically when somebody dates or marries an attractive person, it is expected that they will get flirted with from time to time. It can happen at the store, a restaurant, or maybe even at work. Movies and television shows through the years have made it seem like the natural reaction is to get jealous and try and start a fight, but how often did that have a good ending in shows and movies? It is not acceptable to ask out another person's partner or significant other, but sometimes it is forgiven as the person asking may not be aware of their situation. Once they find out, if they push them to go out, that is crossing a different line. Does your reaction depend on where the flirting happens?

Flirting With a Married Person in the Magic Valley

Credit: DjelicS
Credit: DjelicS

Flirting can be ok, even for married people, so long as it doesn't cross a line. Sometimes it can be beneficial as well. If a woman flirts with a cashier and gets some free snacks or a soda at a fast food restaurant or convenience store, do you think the husband will be upset? It is unlikely. If a man flirts with a waitress and saves some money on the bill, would a wife be upset with the extra money? Most likely not, but the husband would get a talking-to on the way home. When it happens at the workplace, it isn't as fun, but there is a little pride in knowing your significant other is attractive enough to pull offers from other people but chooses you, and that is why it may be best to not be jealous. So long as you are confident in your relationship, there is no reason to be jealous. 

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This recently happened to my wife at her job, and instead of getting upset, I felt pride. I am confident enough in my marriage and my wife to know that despite the offer, she wouldn't take it. The fact somebody found my wife attractive enough to try and buy her dinner, makes me feel proud to be married to her. If you find yourself in a similar situation where your other half is being asked to dinner, would you be jealous, proud, encourage them to get free food, or what would you do? 

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