There are many great eating options in the state of Idaho, and choosing where to eat can often be a chore. Spouses play the game all the time of not being able to choose where to eat, and it can often lead to fights and frustration. The worst part of choosing a restaurant is when you are hungry, but not craving anything. What factors do you take into consideration when choosing where to eat? One factor that many state matters to them is trust in the place they are eating. When it comes to trust and restaurants, which restaurant in Idaho is the most trustworthy, and which one is the least? 

The Most Trustworthy Restaurant in Idaho

Credit: Parham Barati on Unsplash
Credit: Parham Barati on Unsplash

If you have had a bad experience at a restaurant, odds are you either haven't gone back, or there was a significant gap of time until you returned. Trusting the place you eat is key to returning to a place and having a good experience and meal. A recent survey revealed the most trustworthy restaurants, and according to the survey, Pizza Hut is the most trustworthy, with KFC being second, and McDonald's rounding out the top three. Idaho is home to all three restaurants and has plenty of both, likely due to the trust their customers have in them. 

The Least Trustworthy Restaurant in Idaho

Credit: Myron Edwards on Unsplash
Credit: Myron Edwards on Unsplash

While having a place that consistently delivers good customer service and getting your order right is important, other places drop the ball from time to time, and it has had customers questioning if they can trust these restaurants. According to the survey, Sonic and Chipotle are the worst trustworthy places to eat. Despite this, both restaurants are still doing well and business appears to be good. People mentioned pricing transparency, delivering as promised, consistent performance, and reacting to feedback as what customers look for when it comes to trusting a restaurant. 

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Everyone has certain places they enjoy eating at due to consistent and positive experiences, and everyone has had a few bad ones mixed in that have ruined other restaurants for them. Being able to trust the place you eat is important, and if you can't trust a place you are eating at, it likely isn't a good choice for you. To see the full survey, make sure to click the link above. 

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