A Coeur d'Alene officer saved Christmas and the video of her doing it has been going virtual and even after over a million views is continuing to gain more attention especially with the hashtag #thecopwhosavedchristmas.

Patrol Officer Amy Niska was patrolling a neighborhood when she saw a stack of packages very visible from the street outside a home. With there always being an issue, especially this year with porch pirates, you know where people come and steal packages right off peoples front porches, Officer Niska didn't want that to happen and did something about it.

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She pulled over and rang the door bell, it was near the middle of the night mind you. This home was equipped with a Ring camera, the door bell that has a camera on it. No one was home, because as it turns out no one had officially moved in yet. The home had recently been purchased but the new family was still in rout to their new home but the father had started having the kids Christmas packages delivered there.

The viral TikTok video shows Patrol Officer Amy Niska talking with the new homeowner, Wes Bradshaw over his Ring camera about the packages on his porch. The officer explained there had been package thefts in the area and didnt want that to happen to him and his family and offered to hid the packages better or even put them in the garage to keep them safe until the family arrived.

“I’d rather see your stuff safe and secure then not,” Niska said in the video. She then secured the packages and went about her shift not knowing what was coming next. The homeowner, Wes posted the video online with the hashtag #thecopwhosavedchristmas and it went viral. The video was posted on TikTok on Dec. 12 it now has over 1 million likes, over 7,000 comments and over 4,000 shares as of Saturday evening. Here's the video:

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