If you won the Powerball lottery, now worth $2.3 billion dollars, you could pretty much buy all of Twin Falls. But that is no fun. So we found some things that you could purchase and create in Twin Falls.

Tons Of Land Along The Canyon Rim Trail

Right now you can purchase 11.64 acres at 647 Pole Line along the Canyon Rim Trail. It would only cost you $8.8 million dollars. Plenty of cash left over for other fun activities. Plus, on 11 acres of land, you would have a lot of privacy and land to do whatever you wanted on it. Indoor pool? Check. 6,000 square foot home? Easy. Private shooting range? Piece of cake.

Build Your Own Water Park

After a little bit of digging, it looks like building a water park would cost anywhere between $10 million and $40 million dollars. You would get a return on your investment and have a fun place to hang out. Where would you put it do you ask? Well, there is some land in Hagerman for sale right now that is over 334 acres for $7.5 million dollars. That isn't even scratching the surface of the money you would have.

Create An Indoor Theme Park

Even if it was small, it would be a ton of fun to have an indoor theme park of some sort. After doing some digging, an indoor theme park is anywhere from $10 to $30 million dollars to start up. You could purchase the old Gerties building that is for sale right now for $1 million dollars and create that space into your own fun house. Indoor go-carts, an arcade, and maybe a few slides. The building is pretty large. Or expand on it.

Have Your Own Drive-In Move Theater

In the grand scheme of the lottery winnings, starting a drive-in movie theater would not be that difficult. It looks like the equipment and start-up would cost you about $70 thousand dollars per screen. If you did that in your backyard that would be super affordable. If you made it a business opportunity, you would get your money back. Totally worth it.

Honestly, if you won the Powerball, you could do all of these things. How insane is that?!

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