It is a given that nowhere is perfect. Nobody is happy all the time. This isn’t Stepford. Stepford was bad. Idaho is like any other state in this union of persons upon a continent in a nation we call the United States of America.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

According to some sad and misguided people, Pocatello is the most miserable city in Idaho. Granted, people attend the University of Idaho there, which may contribute to a feeling of discontent, but certainly not misery. While self-proclaimed as the ‘most beautiful campus in Idaho’, it is a university city. Aren’t all students concerned about taking classes while working to pay rent and eat and stuff? Stress makes people unhappy.

Pocatello does have a poverty rate of over 14%, so not the best, Twin Falls is just over 13.5%, and Boise sits at 11.6%. The overall state percentage is 11. Pocatello may be a bit above, but does that differentiation make it miserable?

What else could contribute to such woe? Perhaps proximity to negative forces? Chubbock is nearby, and ne’er-do-wells always cause trouble far enough away to avoid suspicion, but close enough to not need to rent a car. Everyone knows that.

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If you’re looking at what city to avoid for a vacation or permanent move, stay clear of Port Arthur, Detroit, Birmingham, and Passaic. Not sure why anyone would choose to go there, but they are off the preferred destination list.

Pocatello came in 44th in a list of 50 most miserable cities. That puts Idaho so far down the list that it isn’t even worth mentioning.  In fact, Idaho is the 6th most happy state in the Union. Gary, Indiana wins the #1 slot as most miserable, which is sad considering it is the namesake of a famous musical song from the Music Man. Oh, how the famous have fallen.

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