When sitting down to a game of Sorry has lost its savor and Risk causes family strife that lasts for decades, it may be time to switch gears for game night. Card games have lasted through centuries for a reason. They are readily available and portable.

What Different Kind of Card Games Are Out There?

Cards aren’t just for gambling anymore. Not that you can’t still use cards for gambling, you just don’t have to use them ONLY for gambling… or making houses. There are 3 main categories of card games. There are playing card games, casino table games, and branded card games.

Playing card games can be played with or without gambling involved. Children often play Go Fish or Crazy Eights. Many other card games fall into this category, though. Gin Rummy, Spades, Hearts, Golf, and Euchre are all popular and well-known card games people play to pass the time. The classic is Solitaire, which has many variations of its own.

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Casino table games have their own special category. There are quite a few games that people gamble with that aren’t played at casinos. Casino games have a consistent set of rules that can be somewhat amended, but most often are adhered to by any casino in the world. Blackjack, Five Card Draw, Texas Hold‘Em, and Baccarat are all popular.

Branded card games are the newest to enter the arena. They have many different names and functions. Kids, and sometimes adults, find Pokemon quite entertaining. Uno is out there, along with Exploding Kittens. Adults enjoy Cards Against Humanity and the whole family can work with Apples to Apples.

Credit BetMGM
Credit BetMGM

Which card games can you most expect to play with your Idaho family and friends? Cards Against Humanity takes the number 1 place. If you want to know the 1st place of each type of game, there’s Crazy Eights in the playing card game category and Texas Hold’em for the casino gamers.

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