I'm glad this survey from didn't ask women if they'd be willing to murder someone for a perfect-fitting pair of jeans.  Because the answer might have been disturbing.

In a recent study from WomenCitizen.com two-thirds of women say they've never found the perfect pair of jeans.

33% of women say they hate shopping for jeans.

Men are much easier when it comes to jeans . . . only one-third say it's tough to find a pair that fit well, and only 17% of guys hate shopping for them.

20% of women say they'd happily spend more than $150 on a good pair of jeans.

80% of people say they normally wear their jeans until they fall apart.

And finally, the average age when women stop wearing jeans because they look sexy and start wearing more comfortable jeans . . . ya know, the really soft ones with no back pockets and elastic waistbands . . . is 55.

How much would you spend? And at what age do you buy jeans for comfort instead of for style?


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