Disney Unveils New Boise State Gear
Disney isn't new to sports partnerships. A few years ago, they went into a merchandise agreement with the NBA to create a unique Disney line of NBA team gear. They have similar deals with the NFL. Now, Disney and Boise State University seem to have struck a merchandise deal as well...
Shorts at Work?
Southern Idaho weather always surprises me. Always! On Friday I was wearing my winter coat and boots and on Thursday it's predicated to be almost 80.
Over the weekend I was discussing summer outfits with a friend of mine. I know, thrilling...
Christmas Dress Code?
Christmas morning is always crazy! Wrapping paper flying through the air, the sounds of new toys, laughing, playing, and singing. Those are a few things that probably happen in every house - but one thing that is different in each house is the dress code.
What Decade Had The Worst Fashion [POLL]
Every decade has had something positive when it comes to fashion (except for the 80's, I don't think any good fashion came out of the 80's), and a new study has given us the popular vote for the best decade. Also - in doing so they have also told us what decade had the worst fashion.
Return Clothing
I may be the only one that does this, but I doubt it! From time to time I will buy an article of clothing, like a jacket, coat or even a pair of shoes, and I'll wear it for a few hours or around the house to make sure I like it. If I'm not 100% happy with it I will take it back to the stor…
I Have A Confession
Ladies we all know that old, worn out, stained shirt in your husbands closet that you throw away and he digs out of  the trash because it is his "favorite shirt". 
Turns out, I am guilty of the same thing.
74% of Workers Think Ties Will Be Extinct in 50 Years
There's something to be said for wearing a tie to work.  You look more professional, formal, and serious.  But there's also something to be said for wearing flip-flops, cutoffs, and a half t-shirt to work.  And we're clearly headed in the second direction.
Men Consulting Their Wifes About Clothing [POLL]
I can't believe it, but the majority of men ARE actually willing to admit they have no idea how to dress themselves.  According to a new survey, 60% of men say they consult with their wife or girlfriend on what to wear before they go to work...

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