I’ve talked about taking a post-graduation trip with my daughter to have some girl time before her life gets too busy with her own things, and it got me thinking. When are my husband and I going to be able to vacation together? Timing isn’t good for us for a while.

My husband and I both work full-time. He begins later in the day at 9 AM and I start at 4 AM. He’s been at his job for a few years with lots of paid leave stacked up, and I just started at my new one with no time built up. Our schedules are not in sync.

How To Plan A Solo Vacation

When deciding to take the solo trip plunge, some planning is definitely required. Going rogue without any idea about the journey at all isn’t the best notion. There’s a safety element to consider. Make sure to leave an itinerary with a friend, or maybe a spouse, and check in regularly with an in-case plan in place.

Clearly, the trip will be different with only 1 person to plan for. The cost will be a consideration. Saving money on travel because there is only one ticket to pay for, frees up funds for activities to add to your vacation that would not have happened with other people tagging along.

My husband and I have very different interests. Instead of agreeing on what we do together, I can focus on the stuff I like to do or am willing to try alone. A moment of no compromises. This is actually sounding better and better. But what about downtime?

Isn't there an old adage, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'? Perhaps a trip apart will help us appreciate our time together even more. I can focus on the thoughts in my head without interruption. I am a delight. I can only imagine the amazing private conversations I have to look forward to.

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I think I may take a trial run on a smaller outing by myself and stay in Idaho. A shorter trip may help troubleshoot unseen pitfalls to avoid to better plan for a longer adventure. I can be open to new ideas for location destinations and activities along the way like clothing-optional campgrounds my husband wouldn’t go to, odd roadside attractions he never stops at, or thrill rides he wouldn’t go on, you know - the important things.  

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