Recently Brad posted a thoughtful article on the dangers of keeping your kids' safe online. His concerns were sparked by a recent study by the Federal Trade Commission that found that most mobile apps for kids are secretly collecting data from their smartphones. Scary, right?

Brad, arguably my arch-nemesis tech geek in the building, surmised that the only true way to keep your kids safe online was to completely unplug and get off the grid. Unfortunately, unless you're Amish, I don't think that's going to cut it with your kids.

But there is a way to keep your kids safe.

Education is the best defensive tool you and your kids possess. Make your kids understand why they can't just post pics of themselves everywhere, or why they can't drop their email in random chats.

It's your job to educate your kids on the dangers of the Internet. You don't let your kids walk out into the street without teaching them about how to look both ways before crossing do you? This is the same thing. Don't let them hit the web without a little education.

Despite what Brad thinks, you don't need to unplug from the grid and throw your electronics away.Just go in with knowledge on your side. It can't stop all the bad things from happening, but it will certainly help you and your kids prevent them.