Watch This Guy Put TV Mediums to Shame [Video]
If you've ever watched TV shows like 'Long Island Medium,' you've seen the stunned looks on people's faces when the psychics start to get positive "hits." The guy in the video above amazes strangers with specific information, but there's one catch: he&…
Facebook Updates Their Privacy Controls
Heads up Facebook users, big blue just updated their privacy controls... again. This time, however, the changes seem to be a step in the right direction. Controls have been simplified and seem to do what we've wanted them to do all along.
How Do We Keep Our Kids Safe Online?
Recently Brad posted a thoughtful article on the dangers of keeping your kids' safe online. His concerns were sparked by a recent study by the Federal Trade Commission that found that most mobile apps for kids are secretly collecting data from their smartphones. Scary, right?
Brad, arguably my arch-n…