Doorbell cameras are everywhere, and it is no longer safe to approach a door without expecting to be on camera. While they are a great invention and a nice luxury to have, they can be misused. They can help prevent crime or catch somebody that has committed one, but they serve more purposes than that. It seems like almost everyone has one, and how you choose to use it is your choice, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it, and some in Twin Falls have been abusing their cameras at the expense of others.

Doorbell Cameras in Twin Falls

While it would be a good idea for everybody to have a doorbell camera, especially around the holidays, that isn't a real possibility. Even with the cameras, crime will and still does happen. Despite catching crimes on video, these criminals are not always caught. When you aren't home it is nice to use to be able to see if your mail arrives, if your car is safe, and to see when your food is delivered. One benefit that many do not think about is that these doorbell cameras can be used to capture amazing content that can be uploaded to YouTube for everyone's enjoyment as well. You never know what you will see on your camera, and it is the gift that keeps on giving. While these are all positives, not everyone should be able to have the power of a doorbell camera, and some in Twin Falls fall in this category. 

Misusing Doorbell Cameras in Twin Falls

Recently a person in Twin Falls decided to use their doorbell camera to record a conversation between two individuals while they waited for her to answer her door. She posted that private conversation on social media, putting the two on blast, despite not doing anything wrong. They believed to be having a conversation between the two of them, but instead, it ended up being shared online against their will. Nothing they said was inappropriate or crossed a line, and no profanity was used, but their privacy was invaded. This serves as a reminder to be aware of doorbell cameras and what you say or do when knocking on someone's door. It also should be a reminder that just because you have this footage, doesn't mean you should share it with everyone and invade people's conversations. There is a time and place to share footage, such as funny instances, or a crime being committed, but a normal conversation is not one of them that should be. 

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While more people use these cameras for more good than bad, there are still those select few that haven't figured out what is acceptable and what isn't. Make sure to think before you post videos from your doorbell cameras, and be aware of the consequences that can follow. For some fun, and to see what can be caught on cameras, make sure to check out the videos above. Make sure to check those cameras, because you never know what you may catch.

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