The Duran Group Powered by Re/MAX Legacy Hometown Hero award for the month of July is underway. We have three nominees that are absolutely amazing. Vote for who you think should be named the Duran Group Powered by Re/MAX Legacy Hometown Hero for September.

Laura Newell

According to the nominator, Laura Newell is an incredibly selfless person. Despite struggling with muscular dystrophy and having two strokes by age 21, she is still there to help others. The nominator said she was a 9-1-1 dispatcher until that occurred and she was heartbroken.


Alex Mclain

According to the nominator, Alex Mclain is an officer with the Twin Falls Police Department and she goes above and beyond with her service. The nominator said she saved many lives and is always respectful and polite. The nominator said she treats people with respect and dignity.

Terry Sharp

According to the nominator, Terry Sharp has served the community her entire life. She is known as Terry From The Bank or growing up because she is always working hard and helping customers. Before retirement, the nominator said she was the bank's best and most accountable employee always willing to sacrifice her needs and wants to help friends and families in need.

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