Plenty of people love dressing up in costumes. The costume can represent a favorite attribute or character the wearer likes. What type of costume chosen can say plenty about a person, but what about how the costume is created?

How Did Kids Do Halloween Costumes Before Stores Mass-Produced Them?

As kids, we always made our costumes. Mom had clothes stored that she seemed to have saved since her infancy. We would pick through and make different costumes out of the leftovers. We had a great time figuring out how to make Mom’s old 60s clothes into an awesome bullfighter costume or pirate outfit. She would stitch capes and other extras before Halloween, then save them in a costume box for future children to wear. With storage at a premium, do families have space to hold all those items any longer?

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We worked with stuff from around the house and sometimes planned months ahead of time. My brothers made Ghostbuster proton packs out of old tubing and cardboard boxes. We created a macaroni and cheese costume out of toilet paper tubes. I made a goldfish from old foam padding I spray painted it orange, used a stapler to form it, and detailed it with black marker.

Will Homemade Halloween Costumes Become a Thing Of the Past In Idaho?

Some homemade costumes get very elaborate and expensive. My brother now spends a couple of months creating clever costumes for his entire family. I know he spends far more money making costumes than if he bought them. They are clever and intriguing, but do they get broken out year after year? How much work do you need to invest in a costume anyway?

Maybe a quick store-bought costume is the way to go. There is something nice about a trip to the store to make a purchase and be done with it. A little over-the-clothes costume that requires a little money and not a month of effort is very tempting.

Has this all gotten out of hand? Maybe we should just wear a hat.

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