Halloween weekend is here and many kids will be running around this weekend doing trunk-or-treating, with trick-or-treating to follow on Halloween night. There will be tons of different costumes, a ton of candy handed out, and many tummy aches to follow throughout the week. As trick-or-treaters walk around this weekend, make sure to take time and pay attention to the buckets the children are holding. Some will have pillowcases, some will have handmade buckets or unique ones, but some will have certain colors, not because it is that child's favorite color but because there is a meaning behind it. What do the different colored buckets mean, and how should you go about handling trick-or-treaters with these special buckets on Halloween?

Colored Halloween Buckets

Credit: EvgeniiAnd
Credit: EvgeniiAnd

Different kids will have different colored buckets, and it is okay if you don't know what they mean, but being aware will help in the future. Each colored bucket means something different. This is a friendly way to let those handing out candy know that the trick-or-treater may have a certain condition, an allergy, or someone in their family is dealing with something. Getting familiar with these colors and what they mean will make for a better Halloween experience for those handing out treats, and for the little ones, looking to fill their buckets for the holiday. What does each color mean, and how should you go about handling someone with each color? 

The Different Colored Halloween Buckets and What They Mean

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash
Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

There are three main bucket colors you need to keep your eyes out for and the fourth one has meaning as well. The main three you need to keep your eyes open for and what they mean are as follows: 

  • Teal Buckets - These represent children with food allergies. It is best to give these kids small toys or something safe to avoid any possible allergies. 
  • Blue Buckets - These represent children who have autism. They may be quiet, easily spooked, and sensitive. Make sure to not try to scare them or be extra loud. 
  • Purple Buckets - These represent kids that have epilepsy. If you have any strobe lights or anything flashing, that could cause harm, turn it off if you see a child with a purple bucket approaching. 

It is a good idea to print out the list above, to help you remember the differences, and consider how to prepare for each circumstance this Halloween. One other color to keep an eye out for is pink. 

  • Pink Buckets- These represent someone who is battling breast cancer, knows someone who is battling it, or has a breast cancer survivor in the family. It is to bring awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is in October. 

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As trick-or-treaters approach your home this holiday, make sure to be sensitive to each child's needs and if possible, do your best to help accommodate. If you see someone skip your home, don't take offense to it, as there might be a reason they did. Also, if you are shopping for buckets for your children, try to avoid these colors unless your child needs one of them. For more on different colored Halloween buckets, make sure to click the link above. 

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