The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared some photos of someone with some serious holiday spirit and wanted to display it all around town. The decoration on the vehicle was more elaborate than my house.

Unfortunately, the Sheriff's deputies had to be slightly scrooge like and ask them to not do it again. I can't imagine that they were given a ticket, but because of laws in Idaho being strict about the types of lights you can have on your vehicle, the vehicle had to take down the holiday cheer if they wanted to drive it around the area.

Still, you have to admit that display is epic, it is beautiful and complete with a reindeer...and a tree! on top! I am not sure how far these people got driving around the area, I hope they were able to make it in front of that one person that really needed to see it and cheer them up.

Yes, it may distract drivers, yes, it may be against the law to have those lights and yes, it is a little sad that it had to be taken down. I can only imagine what kind of parade floats they create. If they were creative enough to get this on their vehicle and get it all to stay put, could you imagine what they could do with an entire float for a parade?! I want to see.

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