The pandemic is still forcing businesses to make changes and adapt to how the general population can interact with them. Early in the pandemic, the Herrett Center and Faulkner Planetarium had to make changes. They were able to keep the museum open and even continued showing movies on the big dome screen and holding regular interactive classes like the Reptile Review. Access was limited to smaller numbers than normal for safety reasons and those restrictions are tightening again.

The Herrett Center has decided to cancel the Reptile Review events until further notice. They have also made the tough call to limit the number of people allowed in the Planetarium during shows to 30 people. Masks are required and social distancing is necessary. Shows happen on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Go check out the new show Space Park 360 and go on virtual space roller coasters and other rides.

Speaking of videos, each week The Herret Center's Joey posts a 'Word of the Day' video. The videos are funny and informative and teach you the meaning of things like Bullroarer, Loom, Rabbit Stick, Ulu, and Salal.

For other updates on the events and programs at the CSI Herrett Center and Faulkner Planetarium check out the CSI website.

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