We already know that this school year is going to be different than any previous year. It is already proving to be different and difficult for many. Kids and faculty are required to wear masks at school and some students are taking classes at home rather than at the school building. Teachers are required now to prepare and present lessons to their students in the classroom and also online. The extra time it takes to prepare and present in these different ways has caught the attention of the school district and they are currently looking for ideas and opinions on ways to make things a little more easy for teachers. Another thing that will most likely be different this year will be field trips.

In previous years kids have packed into buses to travel to various locations of interest, but I'm not sure that is going to happen this year. If these field trips don't happen that means some kids are going to miss out on an adventure that every other kid in Twin Falls has experienced. It isn't just the location they visit either. There is something special and memories made on the drive to the field trip destination. I remember singing, messing around with friends, and using the drives to sleep when I was a kid. We've picked out the five most common field trips Twin Falls kids go on and will probably miss this year.

Field Trips Every Twin Falls Kid Goes On

Are there any other field trips that you remember being essential for school kids?

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