There have been an influx of people on Facebook groups and pages offering their home cooked meals or meal prep services to those willing to pay. South Central Public Health District is urging some caution to those who may want to give it a try.

First and foremost I am not saying it is a bad idea to give these people a shot because I know most of the time they are just trying to earn some extra money like everyone else. The South Central Public Health District said that people should inquire about a food permit before you buy. Without that food permit there is no guarantee that these people have had proper training on food safety and such. There is always a chance that their food might make you sick.

I had no idea but there is an actual list of things you are allowed to sell and not sell out of your kitchen without a permit. Any foods that are high risk like chicken, dairy and even the tamales that you might consider purchasing this holiday season.

"Cottage Foods" do not require a license like dry herbs, cereal and granola, nuts, vegetables and a few other things.

So when you see on different groups that people are offering to meal prep, cook authentic meals or baked goods out of their home they suggest you ask about a permit. Food-borne illness is no fun. I guess I will have to make sure that the next food service I purchase has the proper permit.

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