You know when you're having a fight with your husband or wife, and all of a sudden they bring up something you did like five weeks ago that's completely irrelevant to the fight at hand?  That's because they've been holding it in.  And that's not good.

According to a new survey from Khaleej Times, out of India . . . but one that we think makes a lot of sense here too . . . the key to a long and happy marriage is to get into a weekly fight.

And it makes sense.  When you air your beefs once a week, it keeps little things from building up and becoming bigger deals than they should be.

The survey found that about 45% of couples fight weekly . . . and almost all of them agree they kinda like that.

It also found that some couples fight too much though . . . 12% of women and 8% of men say their spouse starts a fight with them daily.

I think once a week is to much, I feel exhausted just thinking about it but if it's keeping you married by all means...fight away!