Marriages used to be bonded for life. It is in the vows, 'Until death do us part.' That no longer appears to be the case, as divorce rates are at an all-time high, and many relationships choose to not even end in marriage these days, but live together instead. Each couple is different, and the same thing doesn't work for everyone. There is another aspect that is changing when it comes to relationships, and that is that they have become more open and free over the years. Marriages and relationships used to be exclusive, but according to one study, that is not the case as many in California have open relationships.

What is an Open Relationship?

Credit: shironosov
Credit: shironosov

Not everyone is familiar with open relationships, but they are more common than you realize. The main point of an open relationship is to allow others to be part of it. The couple is not exclusive and can go on dates with other people, have relations with them, and involve others in their current relationship. This is most common in the LGBTQ community, but straight couples experience it as well. According to a recent survey by, there are plenty of open relationships across the country. According to the survey, 40 percent of people claim to know someone in an open relationship, with one in four straight people knowing someone, but an impressive 53 percent of those in the LGBTQ community know someone. If you are still confused and don't understand the concept of open relationships, you are not alone, as 13 percent surveyed did not know as well

Open Relationships in California

Credit: Antonio_Diaz
Credit: Antonio_Diaz

Now that you know what an open relationship is, perhaps you want to know more. According to the survey, 30 percent of Americans are open to knowing more and perhaps giving an open relationship a try. One of the biggest reasons that most don't is the fear of jealousy, which 44 percent claimed to be a fear of theirs. For couples that are in an open relationship, 4 out 5 said communication is important, with 87 percent saying to set boundaries. When asked why couples choose to have an open relationship, 1 in 5 said that their partners do not meet all of their needs. When it came to what most Californians are interested in, according to one study, they are searching polyamorous dating sites. 

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If your marriage or relationship seems dull or in a rut, perhaps an open relationship is what you need to spice it up. It isn't for everyone, and many will view it as cheating, but for some, it works, and you and your partner might enjoy it. For more on the study, make sure to click the link above.

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