We all have to do it multiple times a day, every day, but very few people like discussing it. Going to the bathroom is usually one of the first things a person does when they get out of bed, and is usually the last thing they do before going to sleep for the night. Despite having to do it, many don't like doing it out in public, because they are embarrassed, uncomfortable, and feel awkward doing this personal task in public. Bathroom stalls help with privacy a little, but it can still be uncomfortable to do. There are times that you have to go in public because making it home is not an option. One bathroom in Twin Falls makes taking a tinkle a little bit more awkward than other restrooms and is also one of the most unique bathrooms you will ever see.

The Most Awkward Bathroom in Twin Falls

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

Typically when someone uses a public bathroom, most have stalls for privacy, or for men, there might be urinals with divides, or lined up and down a wall, where there is some space. Not all bathrooms are created equal, especially these days. Nowadays, some bathrooms are open to everyone, some have no stalls, and sometimes things you don't often see in any other bathroom. The bathroom at Rock Creek Restaurant in Twin Falls is one of the more unique men's restrooms you will see because the urinals are at a 90-degree angle from each other, which isn't common. Look at the picture above to see how awkward it can be for men to do their business. It is not a setup seen in many places, if ever, but does still allow one to do their business without standing directly next to each other, but perhaps a little too close, and awkward to get around each other. 

Unique Bathrooms in Twin Falls

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

While the bathroom above can make for an uncomfortable situation navigating through the restroom, it isn't the only bathroom that is unique. There are certain signs in bathrooms, like the ones at the CSI Expo Center pictured above, that may not make the bathroom awkward, but make for a good chuckle. Deciding where to go and not go can be an adventure. Some bathrooms are worth holding and skipping out on, and others are nice and worth using. To check out a list of some of the best restrooms to use in the area make sure to click this link

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No matter how hard you try, there comes a time when you can't wait to get home to use the restroom, but where you are may dictate if it is a pleasant experience or not. Hopefully, the next time you are out and public and have to take care of business, the restroom you use won't be an awkward or uncomfortable one. Hopefully, it is clean, and not more on the unique side. Keep your eyes open for some more weird restrooms in the area, the next time you go.

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