Well, that was short lived and super disappointing. The Magic Valley Regional Airport has been notified that the flights from the Twin Falls airport to Denver will be discontinued.

Flights from Twin Falls to Denver will be honored until November 30th, after that the flight will be discontinued. According to the news release, the Magic Valley Regional Airport was notified by United Express Flights that the flight will be cancelled and it was a decision by the airline.

For those who had scheduled flights to Denver after November 30th, you should be contacted by the airline to make changes or you can contact customer service at united.com.

As of right now the flight to Salt Lake City remains the same and in 2022 they hope to add another flight back to Salt Lake City.

This is incredibly sad. I actually had the privilege of utilizing the flight from Twin Falls to Denver and it made travel to the Midwest so much easier. One connection is so much nicer than two or three. Hopefully at some point they will bring the flights back. Things have been crazy with labor shortages and canceled flights all over the country. Hopefully this isn't a permanent goodbye. Hopefully this is temporary and more flights will be added.

Personally, I would love a flight to Las Vegas but that might be for selfish reasons.

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