For the past 15 years of my marriage, my husband has made fun of my "food sin" of cutting up my spaghetti before I eat it. I know, I'm usually all about enjoying the mess, but that spaghetti sauce NEVER comes out of my clothes and ends up giving me a tomato chin. I'm thinking I can't be the only one.

I offered him some Pez last week. When I inquired of him as to the number he would like he looked up with true bewilderment and said, "Where's the dispenser?" Evidently, I had committed yet another food infraction. It is a faux pas to distribute Pez without the dispenser?

So, I've thought of a few more. This brings the number to 7. My 7 unforgivable food sins. Where do you sit in the list? What's missing?

  1. Cut up Spaghetti
  2. Pez without the dispenser
  3. Kit Kat sideways - I found out one of our guys eats each piece layer by layer! NO
  4. Oranges grapefruit style - the only acceptable ways are peeled or in smile form!
  5. Pizza or Fried Chicken with a fork - just pre and post-hand wash and dig in!
  6. Bananas sideways - to be honest, I heard about this one on Big Bang Theory
  7. Chewing oysters on the half shell - I think I'm getting a chill just thinking about it. I watched my brother-in-law do it 13 years ago and I have not eaten an oyster since! Covered in cocktail sauce and tossed back like a shot of whiskey is the only acceptable consumption process!

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