Sometimes I think I laugh to much and then I have those days when it feels like I don't even crack a smile. In a new survey from PR Newswire, people were asked to name the best "simple pleasures" in life. 

 Here's what they found:

#1.)  Laughing, 22% of the vote.

#2.)  Eating food with friends, 21%.

#3.)  Getting a hug, 19%

#4.)  Feeling the sun on your face, 10%.

#5.)  Reading a good book, 8%.

#6.)  Walking on the beach, 7%.

#7.)  Laying down in freshly-washed sheets, 5%.

#8.)  Watching a sunset, 3%.

#9.)  Reminiscing over old photos, 3%.

#10.)  The smell of fresh-cut grass, 1%.