Claire Scott's medical condition is a laughing matter.

The 24-year-old British woman suffers from a rare disorder called cataplexy, in which she falls asleep whenever she laughs. The rare condition has caused her to pass out as many as 50 times each day since she was a wee little lass.

Unlike people battling a variety of other illnesses, Scott can't find the humor in her disorder. She recounted a recent incident in which her five-year-old daughter told her a joke. Scott said, "I burst out laughing. The next thing I knew my husband David was picking me up off the kitchen floor. It can be really embarrassing."

Doctors who were puzzled by her behavior once gave her a pacemaker, thinking she had a heart condition. She has since gone on to receive treatment with anti-depressants, which have helped her. Our diagnosis: steer clear of any theater showing 'The Hangover Part II' and try to find an Ingmar Bergman film festival, instead.

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