Most of the time I think my wife and I have really big hearts, especially for animals, but sometimes I think we're sort of dumb.

Last night my family was playing in the front yard when a rogue puppy bounded out from behind the neighbor's house and joined in the family fun. No one knew where he came from, and none of our neighbors recognized him. My wife and I's solution? Let him stay until we find where he belongs.

Note to self: puppy teeth are sharp and a puddle of puppy whiz is cold in the middle of the night.

He was found on 14th street in Buhl. He hasn't been neutered, his tail isn't docked, and he still has his dew claws. He's super friendly and loves people and other dogs. I know this little guy belongs to someone and needs to go home.

I'm not sure what his name is, but we call him 'Rocket.'

If you're his owner, please contact me so we can get him home. As someone who's lost dogs, I know how devastating it can be. I can't imagine a little kid crying because puppy didn't come home last night.

I promise I won't take him to the pound ever. If I can't locate his owner, the little guy has a home with me, or I will find a place he can belong.

UPDATE (August 3rd @ 5pm) - In an odd twist, I received a phone call from a woman named Brandy who is not Rocket's current owner, but his original. She recently lost Rocket's mom and her kids are devastated. She's coming tomorrow to take the puppy back to his home.

In one of those odd quirks of life, Brandy's kids begged her to keep one of the puppies. Now they get to.

Rocket is going home!

UPDATE #2 (August 4th @ 9am) - Rocket was just picked up and is heading home. I miss him already.

UPDATE #3 (August 4th @ 7pm) - Brandy and her family brought Rocket back for a visit, and to say thanks for keeping an eye on him for a few days.

I'm so happy that Rocket could be re-united with his family and bring them so much joy. When I saw how he reacted when Brandy picked him up, I knew he was going to the right place with the right people.

Rocket's name has been changed to 'Miracle.' That proves how much this amazing little dog means to this family.

Oh, and Miracle is a girl.