If your birthday isn't in December you probably have a friend or family member with a December birthday. Here are 15 things only they will understand about having a birthday in December:

1. Your parents always package your gifts together as your "birthday/Christmas present."
2. If your birthday is on Christmas Day, you might as well be invisible.
3. Scheduling birthday parties are the worst.
4. All your friends complain about how they're too broke to buy you a present.
5. You have to wait all year for any kind of present.
6. Everyone is always too busy with end-of-year stuff to celebrate your birth.
7. Your relatives are usually around but you'd much rather go out drinking with your friends.
8. You'll never get to celebrate your birthday with a pool party.
9. Having to buy Christmas presents for other people on your special day really sucks.
10. Your birthday doesn’t have streamers and balloons, it has tinsel and lights and wreaths.
11. Everyone suggests doing holiday activities for your birthday and you're just like...
12. Your friends at school or the office flat out forget your birthday.
13. People are constantly telling you, "Oh it must suck to have a December birthday."
14. On occasion, you’ve told yourself everyone is just actually celebrating YOUR birthday.
15. But for the most part, you’ve learned to accept your holiday birthday, and celebrate in your own way.

If your birthday is in December do you like it, or do you wish your birthday was any other month?

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