Settling into a routine is a good thing. Routine helps with sleep and digestion. It becomes a bad thing when a person's brain becomes stagnant. Stepping out of that comfort zone is how we grow. People are like plants. If you stop growing, you start dying.

CSI has excellent music programs to keep a person on their toes. There have been discussions on the Magic Valley Chorale starting practice for the Christmas season (new people are still welcome to join). Do not be discouraged if you do not sing, there is a Magic Valley Symphony for musicians who play.

Find a New Hobby or Get Fit With CSI this Fall

Not everyone is cut out to take college classes 2 or 3 days a week for hours at a time. Weekly classes during the day aren’t usually feasible for a person just looking to enrich their life in the company of other people or with a new activity. Enter the CSI Community Education Classes. There are plenty of things for youth and adults alike.

There are plenty of adult enrichment classes to keep you busy this fall. There’s Judo, Karate, Yoga, and Dancing for anyone looking to keep the joints moving. One could learn to play guitar, ukulele, or piano. Perhaps you could try something new and explore pottery, woodworking, photography, or perfect the art of watercolor painting. There are financial classes for retirement, creative writing, conversational Spanish classes, or even learning how to play table games at the casino so you don’t feel intimidated the next time you go to Jackpot.

Youth classes are available as well. There is karate and judo available. Music from guitar or ukulele helps stretch the brain with a new type of language. Conversational Spanish is available as well as acrylic pour painting.

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Whether trying something entirely new or getting back into gear with a refresher, CSI community education can keep you moving or move you in an entirely new way.

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