It may be hard to remember, but at one time, many of us enjoyed going to school. There was much to look forward to. There was recess, lunch, physical education, music class, and everyone seemed to get along. The older everyone got, the more people seemed to stop being friends, the classes got tougher, recess got shorter, and then disappeared altogether, but lunch was still good, if not better. As many of us entered middle school and high school things got tougher, and life wasn't as fun anymore, making school miserable. Public schools aren't what they used to be, and if anything are tougher to navigate than when many of us were kids. With so much bullying, school shootings, politics, and confusion in public schools, are children better off being home-schooled these days in California?

Public School VS Homeschooled in California

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Public schools in California don't offer the best educational opportunities for children. They are overcrowded, there aren't enough teachers for students, and with so many different language barriers, it is tough for each student to keep up. Homeschooling would allow children to get more one-on-one time with their teacher and to be able to work at their pace, without fear of falling behind or being blocked from working ahead if they are ahead of other students. When a student travels, they can keep up with their school work, instead of missing out on assignments and having it affect their grades. Teachers are doing their best, but it is impossible to give students the quality attention they deserve with such big classes, and they often have to give certain students more attention due to language barrier, learning disabilities, or perhaps attention disabilities, which means other students could be missing out as well. 

Pulling Kids From Public Schools in California

Benito Baeza
Benito Baeza

While education is the main priority, there are other reasons why pulling children from public schools is a good idea. Cyberbullying is worse than it has ever been, and children can no longer go home and escape their bullies. Pulling a child from public school protects them from interacting and knowing these kids, and allows them to be in a safe place. They would miss out on social events and learning how to adapt to social environments, but it could save their life down the line as well. School shootings have been in the news for years, and keeping your child at home for school would protect them to the best of a parent's ability. There are negatives to being so isolated and protected, but this is a route that many parents are choosing to go these days. 

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Not every family will be able to support their children through homeschooling and public schools are their only options, but if you can, you might want to consider it. Yes, it can hurt your child socially and may make them have to adapt later in life to social aspects, but it can keep them safer, and could benefit their education in the long run. It is ultimately up to the parent and the family, but if you can homeschool your child, you may want to consider it and pull your children from public schools immediately.

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