Music helps the world feel. Depending on the sound, music can inspire a listener to feel sadness, excitement, despair, relaxation, energy, joy, fear, or pride. Inspiration comes in many forms. Music can help provide inspiration and renewal toward the holiday spirit.

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This fall, the Magic Valley Chorale is inviting new and returning members to join the choir in celebration of Christmas. Traditional Christmas songs with fun arrangements will be on the checklist to enjoy as well as classical pieces to entice the choir and ultimately the audience.

Who Can Join Magic Valley Chorale?

All experience levels are welcome. There are choir members who don’t read music and learn by ear, while others teach music and love to come to be a part of a group. Some music is easier to learn than others, but with 3 months to practice for the program, everything will be polished and ready.

The choir is open to the whole community. Anyone 14 years or older is welcome to participate. Plenty of members make it a family affair with grandparents and grandchildren, husbands and wives, and even in-laws all joining together. More voices make for a full and robust choir with energy in numbers. All members work together for a beautiful performance.

When and Where Does Chorale Meet?

Practices are held at CSI in the Fine Arts Building beginning August 24th at 6:30 PM. Thereafter, practice will be on Thursdays at 7 PM. There is a $10 registration fee to help cover the cost of music, but if that is a hardship, come anyway. Singers ready to make music are most important.

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