We will update this as more or less are on the list but as of right now here is a list of all the stores requiring masks and when they will be mandated.

Masks are a pretty controversial subject right now. I respect anyone's decision to wear or not wear a mask and I respect a business' right to decide if they want to require masks or not. So right now there are some businesses starting to require mask wearing in their stores.

Starting July 20th, Walmart will require masks in their stores

July 22nd Kroger, including Smith's and Fred Meyer will require people to wear masks

Costco still requires masks

Target will require masks to be worn starting August 1st

Best Buy has started requiring masks

Dollar Tree requires customers to wear masks

Kohl's started requiring masks July 20th

Starbucks started requiring masks July 15th

AT&T and Verizon also both require masks

Home Depot will require masks starting July 22nd

Lowes now requires face coverings in all U.S stores

Alberstons require masks July 21st

Express Appliance requires masks

Famous Footware

Big 5


Winco will require masks starting July 24th

Bed Bath and Beyond begins requiring masks July 24th

Twin Falls Animal Shelter requires visitors to wear masks

If you know of any stores that require masks that we may have missed please let us know. Everything is changing and we want to be as up to date as possible. If we missed anything it was not intentional.

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