Ahhh, the relaxing visit to the Snake River. There are many opportunities to put a kayak or paddleboard in the water all along its winding path. There are many different challenges throughout the area that share a warning of ‘be careful’.

Something is said to every person who rents kayaks from AWOL at Centennial Waterfront Park. ‘Turn Right.’ Some people may think that is because going downstream would be too easy and getting back up against the current would be too tiring. In theory that would be correct, but in this instance, no.

Why Can't I Turn Left When I Put My Kayak in at Centennial Waterfront Park?

The biggest reason to not turn left from the dock on a kayak or paddleboard in this area is the swift currents of the river a bit farther downstream. Experienced kayakers can choose to take on this challenge, but it is not for a novice. Kayakers need to turn around not long after turning left from that dock because there are swifter moving waters, rocks, and Auger Falls downstream, and traversing the falls is not possible.

A scary reminder was posted by the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office.

It is recommended that owners mark their vessels with contact information. Should the Sheriff's department or another person eventually retrieve an errant kayak, it can be returned to you. Please notify authorities if a kayak or paddleboard has been lost so law enforcement is not concerned with finding a missing person.

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A few good safety reminders are in order. It is not illegal for adults to not wear a life jacket as long as there is one for them on the boat. Just because it isn't illegal doesn't mean it is a good idea to not wear a personal flotation device. When a paddler falls from their kayak or paddleboard, there isn’t time to grab a life jacket fastened to the vessel that is swiftly floating away.

A whistle is also required. If the whistle is attached to the life jacket that is sitting on its vessel floating down the river without its rider, the point of the safety equipment has been lost.

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