When COVID 19 first hit the state, Blaine County seemed to be the biggest hit area. Then they had their numbers back down. Well, according to the South Central Public Health District's Regional Risk Summary, Blaine County is back to being a high risk area.

The South Central Public Health District shared information that Blaine County has an average new case rate and positivity rate much higher of 12.34% and an average of nearly 5 new cases per 10,000 residents per day.

According to the South Central Public Health District as well, there is an investigation going on in local long term care facilities but the good news is that hospital capacity is still at the moderate level right now.

The main cases by age actually seems to be highest between 18 and 29 which presumably means that there should not be a high death rate. Children do not seem to be catching it in Blaine County much either which is another good sign.

The South Central Public Health District suggests that anyone traveling to Blaine County should make sure they keep their distance from others, continue to wash hand and wear a face mask when social distancing is not possible.

I guess I will only be found in the middle of nowhere if I plan on making a trip up there where I can enjoy how pretty it is without dealing with people.

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