Summer is upon us, and you know, the old adage is very true: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To keep your Jack and Jill happy, healthy, and from repeating the dreaded phrase, "I'm bored!" all summer long, we've comprised a list of the best playgrounds in town. If you're one to visit the same park every week because it's conveniently located just down the street, give a new one a try. It'll keep things interesting and provide your little ones with the opportunity to stretch their horizons.

#5 Harry Barry Park

With three side-by-side curvy slides, a spiral slide, a swaying bridge, tic-tac-toe, and meandering monkey bars, this playground is a recipe for fun. It sits next to a swing set and a basketball court, has good shade trees, picnic tables, and a pavilion just a few feet away. And it even has bathrooms with water and a drinking fountain. What a great place to take a picnic and enjoy a sunny afternoon!

Blake St. N and Borah Ave. W., Twin Falls

#4 Thomsen Park

This playground wins the award for the most slides with a grand total of ten, and they come in many different styles: straight, curved, spiral, side-by-side, covered, and open. And it wins the award for most swings as well with six swings instead of your usual four. Then it has monkey rings and monkey bars which are curved into a dome shape. Nearby are a pavilion, benches, sand volleyball courts, and a bathroom with flushable toilets and a drinking fountain. It sits on a beautiful park with a walking path, but don't worry--there's a fence separating the playground from the park making it harder for your mischievous children to sneak off while your back is turned.

Carriage Ln., Twin Falls

#3 Vista Bonita Park

Along with the swing sets, slides, monkey bars, and balance beam, this playground has something I've never seen before: a handle that slides along a track. It's kind of hard to explain, but you grab a hold of the handle, push yourself off, and slide along this short track. It's almost like a miniature zip line. It's fun, believe me--I tried it! The playground is set in a park with a walking trail, a baseball backstop, and two grassy knolls which are fun to roll down (yes, I tried that, too!). It even has a pavilion, benches, horseshoes and, most importantly, a bathroom with running water and a drinking fountain. It's located behind Swensen's on South Washington.

El Camino Ave. and Caliente Ave., Twin Falls

#2 Cascade Park

Look out! There's a dinosaur in that park! Oh wait, it's just part of the stairs leading up to Cascade Park's playground set. Awesome! It also has a crawl-through tunnel, stairs that look like a rock formation, steering wheels, tic-tac-toe, and a spiral slide. The park holds swings, tennis courts, basketball courts, a pavilion with picnic tables, and a bathroom with running water as well.

Stadium Blvd. and Cindy Dr., Twin Falls

#1 Drury Park

Drury Park is one of the newest parks in Twin Falls and has three playground sets which makes it the perfect match for families with both older and younger children. The set more fitted for younger kids is low to the ground, has a tube to crawl through, and a couple of slides. The bigger one is taller, has miniature rock walls to climb, monkey rings that go around in a circle, chain ladders, and a slide. Then there's the most retro-looking jungle gym I've ever seen. The jungle gyms I grew up with were cubed and perpendicular. This one is triangular and made out of cables instead of bars so the shapes are all across the board. Just looking at it makes me wish I were a kid again. There are also tables, benches, horseshoes, and a porta-potty.

S. Washington St. and 4th Ave. W., Twin Falls