Everyone in agricultural areas knows the importance of bees. Sometimes residents in more urban or suburban areas don’t have an opportunity to embrace their vital role as often. Since the resurgence of personal gardens, some areas are realizing the value of beekeeping. But can a person in Idaho simply start a beekeeping venture in their backyard?

Can Anyone Legally Keep Their Own Bees in Idaho?

Private beehives are a great way to help a backyard garden stay healthy and are perfectly legal in Idaho. There are a few things to remember when trying to decide if beekeeping may be an interesting new adventure.

Idaho has a few rules for beekeeping. Beekeepers need to post their name, address, and phone number on their apiaries. Okay, knowing who owns the hives on a large property is good, but just follow the rules and do it on a backyard box as well for the sake of conformity. Informing the authorities if there is an illness with the bees and submitting to inspection is also important.

As long as there are fewer than 50 colonies, there is no registration required but registering can help the industry as a whole in tracking disease or health of an area. If there is no intent to sell honey commercially, no taxes are involved and everything legal has been taken care of.

Preparation Produces Better Outcomes for Beginning Beekeeping in Idaho

Since bees won’t be trained to stay in your own backyard, a talk with neighbors before setting up a colony is a great idea. Alleviate concerns by educating everyone about how the colony will be tended to and what to expect with a beekeeping endeavor in the neighborhood. Everyone in the neighborhood can benefit from information … and bees.

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Be prepared to spend a bit to get this new hobby started. There are plenty of supplies necessary on top of building the hive itself to consider. Once all the implements are together, get ready for a lifelong love of beekeeping.

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