You voted and we have a winner. The Chief of Police for Shoshone, Austin Smith, is September's Duran Group Powered by Epic Realty's Hometown Hero.

According to his nominator, Austin works nearly every day, whether at work on the clock, at home during his "off-time" with family. Sometimes he works for over 24 hours straight. His nominator said he always puts others before himself.

On average, Chief Smith works for more than 250 hours a month, but is salaried and doesn't get paid for going above and beyond at his job. Chief Smith does his job diligently out of the kindness of his heart to make sure his city and employees are safe and taken care of.

Chief Smith also saved the life of a child last December who had medical issues, according to the nominator.

September Hometown Hero Austin Smith

On behalf of all of us at Townsquare Media --and all of those that voted for you, thanks for all you do Chief Smith! Keep up the great work.

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