Only in Idaho: we have found a ferret that is obviously someone's pet. Are you or someone you know missing this guy?

I have to admit, I have thought about keeping him but we want to see if his person is looking for him. He was found near the Twin Falls High School.

Found Ferret 3

As most people know, I have four big dogs and for extra entertainment, we documented our dogs first reaction to their new temporary furry friend.

Found Ferret 2

I mean if that isn't love I don't know what is. Look at their eyes! Ha!

Found Ferret 4

In all seriousness though, we will be keeping this little guy over the weekend so we can return him to his rightful home when someone claims him. Can you help us out and help us find him his home? If not, I guess we just adopted a ferret. I hear they are little thieves and a lot of work, but look how cute they are!

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