Overview of Idaho's Market Shift

Over the last several years, there has been a major shift in home values throughout the state of Idaho. A combination of inflation and an influx of people moving in from other states post-pandemic has created significant supply and demand issues statewide.

Industry insiders suggest that the market is beginning to stabilize, with existing homes selling for much less than they did a few years ago. But is this the case? Keep scrolling for samples pulled from 20 markets across the state of Idaho.

Methodology: How Are These Idaho Houses All in the Same Price Range?

I took an unbiased look across the state to see what a $300,000 house looks like across 20 Idaho markets, and the findings were quite interesting. Some areas, which I expected to be less expensive, indeed were—but not by as much as I anticipated. One thing is certain: $300,000 does not stretch as far as it used to.

Best Houses You can Buy in Idaho for $300,000 in 2024

We combed through housing markets across the state of Idaho to find what $300,000 can buy you in 2024.

Gallery Credit: Brad - Zillow - Canva

To ensure fairness, I primarily considered home listings. The exceptions include areas where the only listings under the $300,000 ceiling were non-traditional homes, such as manufactured homes, mobile homes, or condos.

I specifically excluded major fixer-uppers to better represent what it takes to move into a livable home with minimal upfront maintenance.

Key Observations From Home Cost Comparisons In Idaho

1. Livability Versus Cost

All the homes listed at or below the $300,000 budget are perfectly livable, yet it’s clear that housing value does not go as far as it once did. Generally, buying a home at this price point means sacrificing square footage.

2. Cost Variability Across Cities

While it's more expensive to buy in the Boise area, the cost differences between smaller metro areas are not as stark as you might expect.

3. Scarcity of First-Time Listings

Finding first-time listings at $300,000 is nearly impossible. Most homes at this price were built well before 1970.

Across all markets, spending slightly above $300,000—around $325,000—opens up more options. Above $350,000, newer homes and first-time listings become more prevalent in the search results.

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Exploring Idaho's housing market reveals that while $300,000 can still secure a decent home, the value you get for your money has diminished compared to past years. Buyers looking for more variety and newer properties might need to consider stretching their budget to find their ideal home in today's market.

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