This might be the best publicity McDonald's has EVER received.

36-year-old Joe D'Amico of Palatine, Illinois is a marathon runner who's training for the Los Angeles Marathon, on March 20th.  And as part of his training, he's ONLY eating McDonald's for 30 days.  Yes, it's like the exact opposite of "Super Size Me".

He eats three meals a day at McDonald's.  Usually in the morning he goes for the hotcakes, an Egg McMuffin, and orange juice.  For lunch he has a grilled chicken sandwich and a large Coke.  For dinner, it's a hamburger, fries, and cookies.

Of course, he's also running an average of 14 miles EVERY DAY, which is why he can get away with eating so much fast food.

He says it's not all that different from other runners who eat pasta, bananas, and other foods to carbo-load.

Joe isn't connected to McDonald's in any way and they're not sponsoring him.  He just says, quote, "I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong.  I've been eating McDonald's since I was a kid."

Joe's best marathon time is two hours, 36 minutes . . . that's a six-minute mile pace.  If he runs that in L.A. next weekend, he should finish in the top 50.

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