The latest clutter of cats at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is ready to divide and conquer individual homes in the Magic Valley.

In the latest gallery of adoptable cats at the shelter, posted on the People For Pets Facebook page, you can see 11 cats who are ready for a new home. The clowder of cats has some interesting named felines: Tangelo, Wybie, Grim, and Powder Puff. I guess you could keep the odd names or pick one that suits your liking better.

Speaking of odd names, writing this blog I found out that a group of cats is actually called (and I've referenced it in the story already) a 'clowder' or a 'clutter'. I also learned that the term 'kitten caboodle' is incorrect. It's actually 'kit and caboodle' which references a group of people or just random things, making it far less adorable sounding.

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If you are looking for a whole kitten caboodle, clowder, clutter, or just a single kitty then be sure to check out the felines waiting at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. If adoption isn't in your cards, you can help out in many other ways including: donate money, time, food, blankets, or buy the Idaho pet-friendly license plate. It costs $35 dollars for the first year of registration and $25 the following years. Part of that money goes to Idaho animal shelters to help the animals that come through their doors.

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