This story is sad for a number of reasons. A family recently dropped their dog off at the animal shelter because they thought he was gay. The owners say that the dog had mounted another male dog and therefore he must be gay. I'd be more surprised to find a male dog that hadn't mounted another male dog, or a human leg, or a stuffed animal.  This is sad because these people clearly don’t understand dogs and it’s sad that the dog was abandoned at the shelter. Or maybe it’s actually good that he’s not in that house anymore.

Dog Dumped at Animal Shelter Because Owners Think He's Gay

The story comes from North Carolina on the WCCB Charlotte website, thank goodness this isn’t a story from the Magic Valley. But that doesn’t mean animals aren’t abandoned often at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

Animals Dumped At Twin Falls Animal Shelter

Just over the last few months, there have been a few stories of animals dangerously abandoned at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. In the frigid nights of early February, a box of 9 puppies was abandoned overnight. People have even dumped the dead bodies of their animals at the shelter. The local shelter does take animals from owners who can’t take care of them, but you should never leave them at the shelter overnight for staff to find the next day.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is currently packed full of adoptable cats and dogs. If you are looking to adopt, make that your first place to look.

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