If you have a cool $1.3 million dollars to spend on a home, good news! There is an 8,144 square foot home for sale that may be right up your alley. It is pretty stunning.

The home is located at 1463 Mountain View Drive and the Zillow estimated monthly payments is only $5,833 per month. That's nothing right? But seriously, it is a dream home. There is essentially 3 floors. Down below the main floor is a master suite with a rec room and kitchenette, laundry room, bedroom, bathroom and more. It is like having a full apartment. There is a bonus room on the upper floor and the main room of course has a master suite, guest suite, laundry room and more. There are 6 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms in this monster!


8,000+ sq ft home

They home even has solar panels and spray foam insulations for energy savings. I mean if you are going to get this house you definitely want to save money heating it because it is so large and open, and gorgeous.

There is plenty of yard for pets or kids or both. Beautiful landscape and can I just say I really want the tub in, any of the bathrooms honestly. There is a beautiful outdoor patio that is covered as well. I feel like the only thing this is missing is an indoor pool or spa or something. Hey, maybe an add on. Why not.

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